Chris Warwick, 1973–2014

Chris Warwick and Benji-pic by Katie Stockwell

Chris Warwick with his son Benji

It is with the deepest sadness and regret that we must break the devastating news that our best friend and long-time rhythm guitarist Chris Warwick died this morning.

He had slipped into a coma after suffering heart failure ten days ago, and his condition only deteriorated as time went on. We’re completely heartbroken at Chris’s passing, and at his family’s suffering over the past ten days.

Chris was only 41-years-old, and he leaves behind his beloved partner Katie, who is due to have their second child any day now, and their beautiful 4-year-old son Benji.

Chris is survived by his parents and his sister and brother. We’ll let you know of funeral arrangements when we can. Goodbye, sweet brother — you’ll be in our hearts and minds forever. Stay beautiful. xxx

Chris news and star 22 dec 2014 page5• Chris Warwick’s funeral is on 2 January 2015 at 11am at Carlisle Crematorium. 

• The News & Star have published a tribute piece about Chris – please click the newspaper page or enlarge here, as they’ve now taken the article offline. 

• There are hundreds of tributes to Chris on The Exiles’ Facebook page, here and here.


2 thoughts on “Chris Warwick, 1973–2014

  1. Chris is my oldest and closest friend. We met in september ’84 and became friends almost straight away. He was the quiet one while I was the loudmouth. He was the thinker while I was the “gung ho” one………but whatever we went through, good and bad, we always had each other. I know he was overwhelmed and overjoyed at becoming a father for the 1st time and he was looking forward to the birth of their daughter with partner Katie. After family music was Chris’ love with a wide taste in music, everything from typical punk and rock to funk and soul, country and blues and way beyond, something which we both loved. He loves playing and restoring guitars and although shy at times got a kick out of playing live. He even tried to teach me guitar a few times over the years which sorely tested his normally extensive patience. The one enduring band we both loved and rarely wavered from was, and I know it maybe clichéd, AC/DC. He would pretend to be Angus young and I would be Bon Scott and would carry him round my garden on my shoulders (when younger of course) drunkenly playing out the roles of our heroes. Well Chris, I’ll be proud to carry you one last time on my shoulders later today. I love you and miss you my soul brother, see you when I get there, Angus. Xxxxxxxx

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