You’ve gotta navigate through the blizzards
You’ve gotta chase away all the lizards
They wanna steal your celluloid soul
and own you too, girl
That is their goal – nothing left for you

I’ve never known days so long
Sympathy for dying dolls
Forever it goes on

What is left of love
when Kinsey’s drawn up all his charts?
What is left of truth
when Marilyn suffers for her art?
Cheryl stretches her legs
in an empty car park at night
Screams “Fuck!” to the stars
she sacrificed all to reach

And when I stop and try to think about it
We’re all to blame for buying into it
You bask in flashes till you hit that age
Monroe, Madonna, Bettie Page

It’s in the scratches on the silver screen
On the flickering TV screen
On every cover, every magazine


You’re nothing – a pixel
Dot matrix, bacteria
Think of the bigger picture
A portrait of scum – it gets no easier

Years wasted, betrayal
No way out of this slum
Didn’t help that you’re just
ITV-watching scum

Buried in a hole of your own creation
A death row of no imagination
The future’s no more
than crumbs from a table

From nothing to nothing
No way out for us all
From nowhere to nowhere
You didn’t answer the call
From nothing to nothing
No way out for us all

If you’re looking for somebody to blame…


Sirens wail nightly and I feel cheated
I didn’t ask not be taken seriously
The truth always hurts
but now you’ve learned to accept it
Millions comatose in a world of illusion

Break your back on the factory line
Suits push pens and demand some more
You can’t give them the satisfaction
of seeing you quit, so you press on

New age slaves
Freedom is a sin
Money junkies
Superficial dreams

The greedy abandon manumission
A catch-22 is gonna take you down
The dilemma of being seen to lose
Helps them through their daily genocide

Retirement waits like a long lost friend
After a lifetime of banging your head
Your workmates fall beside you, one by one
Something keeps you going
Something wrong


Words of solitude
echo my useless past
Nostalgic thoughts
so infrequent like they don’t exist

I considered the words
of Chuck, Joe, Richey, Melder
Hooked on nothing
I understood the world they longed for

Confused at why nothing’s really changed
Reality confirms that apathy is paramount

Your lack of emotion has cost you your life
Indifference sucks, like burning books
Don’t you ever forget it

Hypocrites and liars
adorn my life and I feel used
Hearts cry out for meaning
but are given comfort instead

As everyone looks up to
ancient idols for their answers
I will get real and say
“You can’t ask dead heroes new questions”

No one knows that honest answers
‘lie’ within themselves
They sit back, shut their mouths
and wait for their strings to be pulled


Switch on your TV set
Remote in hand, but don’t forget
The glowing tube shines
lies around your room

Glamour takes your eye and then
Reduces you to no one again
The stars shine on
and you’re left to consume

“Hey, did you see that?
“Was that Coke he was drinking?”
‘You put me off the programme now
‘Would you just watch TV instead of thinking?’

Don’t give me Hollywood
I don’t need it
I don’t want it
It’s bullshit

I see a lifestyle that shouldn’t exist
Worshipped by millions
Is there something I missed?
Hollywood’s got so much to answer for

Bringing hope into so many lives
Nobody’s perfect – Hollywood lies
If California’s screaming, why adore?

A plastic factory
churning out plastic stars
Strive for plastic vanity
Well you’re a silicon, suction
suffering screen-star now


Driving around the shady part of town
Can’t concentrate for looking around
People capable of bringing me down
As bricks and bottles hit the ground

But if I crash tonight
under the yellow street lights
Let it be known that I said
“I don’t want my Bible or my bed”

Police lines are waiting in my neighbourhood
Newscasters paint it as bad versus good
Press barons baying for poor people’s blood
Politicians line up to dish out the mud

But we won’t be fooled
now it’s rulers versus the ruled
Streets on fire, nobody won
and an old man has lost his son

For ‘sheer criminality’, look to Vodafone
They’ve stolen much more than you’ll ever know
MPs want ‘values’ but Murdoch’s on his throne
Looters in pinstripes – safe in their fortress homes

They make the poor then blame the poor
Everything is all surface
The future’s sold like a cheap shampoo
Cos they don’t think that you’re worth it


Some joker just stole my wheels
Went to the law and said what’s the deal?
Cop said do you know how to box?

I heard the bell and now I’m stepping out
I paint the canvas, man I stroke ’em out
Undefeated, young, beautiful and bold
At home in Rome, you know I rolled with gold

Tussle with Liston, Frazier, Foreman
Even whupped the USA
You know my name
What’s my name?

I got back and hit the street
I got met by men in sheets
Just like a racist society delivers
I slung my country’s medal in the river

I changed my name cos that’s who I be
Reflect the radical Muslim in me
I’m not Uncle Sam’s gravedigger
No Viet-Cong ever called me nigger

I won the fight for the right to fight
Like Tommie Smith, I was always right
I can’t be what you want me to be
King and I and X were not born to bleed

Muhammad Ali…


Took a walk down Parasite Street
A leafy hamlet, no dangerous side streets
Didn’t have to dodge no shit on the pavement
No broken bottles thrown for entertainment

Behind these gates, they dream up large contracts
Tea and cake, and knocking down council flats

But the thousands blame the millions
cos the dozens tell the thousands what to think
As the millions feel the heat
between the TV and the kitchen sink
The kitchen sink

Girl in the call centre
You’re under stress
You do your best
to pass their targets and tests

Every call is recorded
The callers blame you
But what can you do?

Girl in the call centre
When the day is done
You get the tube back home
Where you’re together/alone

Hit the sack after a shower
You’re skipping meals
Cos your rent’s unreal
How does it feel?

I walked back from where I’d begun
The path ahead, it sparkled in the sun
Smashed glass, in boredom hurled
Instant desperation’s understood around the world

Concentrate aggression, the future can be won
You’ll never change a thing,
stretched out with your head in The Sun

But the thousands blame the millions
cos the dozens tell the thousands what to think
As the millions feel the heat
between the TV and the kitchen sink
The kitchen sink
By the kitchen sink
The fuckin’ kitchen sink


Attention, England!
Rise up, now – arise!
A media Third Reich marches
On your children’s graves, tonight

Destroy the Daily Mail

Zinoviev lives
In a shop near you
Next to the sweets
Blackshirt ambition

Destroy the Daily Mail

I’m just curious, why you’re not furious

Littlejohn spews
Corpses from his mouth
Grows fat from the spit
On an Asian kid’s back

Destroy the Daily Mail


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